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Emotional Clearing

In the Temple of Isis on the Isle of Philae I, on the walls, there are hieroglyphics of the three-day ritual they called the ‘the cleansing of the flesh and the blood.’  This ritual depicted the use of essential oils for the release of emotional trauma.

According to the Chinese, emotion is simply the flow of Qi or energy which should always be free and never blocked. When the Qi is blocked, stagnation occurs.  Stuck emotions cause stagnation of the Qi in the body resulting in illness.

Essential oils are good for emotional clearings because they enter our cells and clean out the body’ receptor sites allowing the cells to communicate properly with each other. Given the latest research which says emotions are stored in all cells throughout our body, this becomes a powerful tool. Also the aromas of essential oils go straight to the limbic portion of the brain.  This is the emotional center of the brain.  This is why smells trigger nostalgic reverie.

What is an emotional clearing session? 

The client lies down on their back.  Some oils are applied to the feet, but most oils are applied to the head (temples and occipital lobes.  It is important to understand this is NOT a trauma reliving session. You will not have to divulge what your emotional concerns/problems are. You simply need to come to the session with an intention of what you want to clear.  We can also do it with no specific intention and see what comes to the surface as the session progresses.

How long is the session? 

The session is about 75 mins.

What to expect during the session? 

As oils are being applied to the head, I will ask questions regarding your feelings through the session. I will ask you to describe how you are feeling using descriptive words (not words like ok, fine, good etc).  This is an exercise to get in touch with your feelings as you focus on a specific intent.  Because we are dealing with emotions, during the session you may cry, laugh, get angry, but all this is normal and part of the process of release.

Cost of the session?