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Contemporary Medical Acupuncture


Contemporary Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles over carefully selected areas of the body where nerves and their receptors are found. This can be with or without electrical stimulation.   This stimulates numerous responses in the central nervous system (scientifically documented), that are of potential benefit for many conditions.

Treatments usually involve 3 mechanisms:

  1. Local Effects – needling around the area of concern to increase blood flow to the area and promote healing
  2. Segmental Effects – needling along the spine to affect the sensory nerves that send signals to a specific spinal segment of the spinal cord where it acts to lower the body’s response to painful stimuli that are supplied by the same segmental spinal nerve.
  3. Central Regulatory Effects – needling sites are selected that impact the overall well-being. Stimulation of the regulatory brain structures have an overall general calming effect. These are often traditional Chinese acupuncture points.


  • A Contemporary Medical Acupuncture session starts with an full assessment of range of motion, muscle strength and muscle recruitment. The assessment allows for an effective treatment plan.
  • After the assessment, the acupuncture treatment takes place. In the acupuncture treatment, the practitioner places needles on the body and they add a small current to them. This uses a pain free contraction of the muscles. The stimulation of the needles takes approximately 15-20 minutes.
  • After the acupuncture stimulation, a 40 minute massage session follows.
  • The session is ~50mins (assessment/acupuncture) and ~40 mins massage. After the initial session, shorter sessions are available.
  • Shorter sessions are available after the first initial appointment

Initial Session: Approx 90 mins

Price: $130

About the Practitioner

Sheri Robinson, RMT has been certified to perform Contemporary Acupuncture, by McMaster University.

Note: this modality falls under the scope of practice for Massage Therapists, so insurance billing will be for an Registered Massage Therapist Treatment.